Revisiting Food With Weight Watchers

Having recently recovered from a three-day-long stomach virus, I am really appreciating food for what it is! Nourishing, energizing, and satiating. I was literally planning to return to the Weight Watchers meetings on Saturday morning when the icky stuff hit me on Friday night.

I’m still a little rusty with trying certain foods just yet, but I do know, that from here on out, no matter what, I am going to choose foods that I like and choose the ones that digest well for me. I bring the digestive thing up because sometimes I go on different benders, influenced by the vegan and gluten free chefs out there, mostly from their Instagram accounts, only to realize that certain “foodie” and “raw” foods just do not agree with me.

For example, while I feel that I caught the stomach virus from one of the sweet little girls I nanny for, the week prior, I was eating incredibly fibrous vegetables on repeat. Sometimes I get on kicks like having frozen spinach in my smoothies for breakfast and then broccoli/cauliflower quinoa bowls for lunch, and sweet potatoes for dinner, or something similar to that menu. Days later, I am wondering WHY do I feel so bloated?! Probably from all the fiber in those veggies I’ve been eating, that for me, are not easily digest-able.

You see, ever since I was a kid, my digestive tract has been slow moving. What I mean by that, is if I ate something that didn’t agree with me at breakfast, I probably wouldn’t know it until dinner time, if ya know what I mean (without being too graphic here, you get the picture?). I actually wasn’t eating solid, whole foods until about age 3, because of this digestive condition. Hard to believe, right? I have certainly made up for lost time, like 10 x over!

So, my thought of getting back into Weight Watchers came from recently feel out of control with food and having low energy. Since becoming a full time nanny this year, I’ll find myself eating a Ritz Bit here or a chocolate candy there, or a handful of gummy worms, and feel SO BAD about it. It’s crazy how busy the mind is; you wouldn’t believe my thought process when I eat one of these kid snacks. It goes something like this: will eating these make my skin break out? I am planning on exercising this afternoon, so I don’t want to feel bloated after eating those Ritz Bitz full of cheese or the sugar alcohols in the chocolate candies will slow me down, etc, etc, etc.

I need to learn how to accept what I eat and move on, and hold myself accountable for it. And the biggest thing is to not over-indulge.

I believe Weight Watchers will help me learn to eat the foods I truly love again, without feeling crazy guilty around my decisions. WW will also help reign in the appropriate portions of all foods, believe me, I can even go overboard on some homemade sweet potato wedges!

And most importantly, if successful this time with Weight Watchers, which I am confident and have faith that I will be, I know I will feel so accomplished and proud of myself. Each time I go over-board or binge, I feel so bad about myself, which has exuded in my relationships with family, friends, and especially in the dating world.

And it’s kinda cool that Oprah is on WW too!!

In deciding to join Weight Watchers again, I’m still going to pay careful attention to buying organic when it’s available, and be mindful of the ingredients. Healthy ingredients are absolutely worth higher point value.

I’ll officially start tracking this Saturday, since that is when I plan to go to my first meeting and by then I will surely be on the up and up from this lingering stomach bug 😦  I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my progress, downfalls, and all the in between!





Trusting Your Gut & Why I’m 98% sure I’ll Never Do Online Dating Again

So the other night, I was on my fifth date with a guy who I met on Match. Leading up to this date, we had some great times together, and he was so sweet and treated me with up-most respect. He seemed like he was very close with his family and we had several things in common. Seems too good to be true, right? Well it was.

After our fifth date, and we had gone out to dinner, he asked me, what do I think about firearms? I said, I was not comfortable around them and have not known anyone who carries them. I mean, come on, not in the Richmond bubble I live in! He told me a story about when a few years ago, he and his friend were in North Carolina, and were held at gunpoint by passersby or whomever, and ever since then, he has had in his possession firearms. Seems proactive and cautious, but get this: he’s certified and has a concealed handgun permit (CHP), which means that he can carry them, if concealed, in his car, and even on his body, legally in Virginia. My next question was did he have a gun on him during the pleasant day we had spent together (with my friends, no less), and while we were at dinner. He said that he had.

I froze. I couldn’t process it. I felt very unsafe. If I had known this guy a little better, and if he had a more happy-go-lucky personality (hey, I was giving him a chance), maybe I would have felt differently, but for the most part, I was stunned, stopped in my tracks.

I let him drive me home, but shortly after, once I called my mom and sister crying/telling them what happened, I called the guy and told him we couldn’t see each other anymore.

After I told him, he didn’t push back or ask me why or put up a fight. He said that he understood and just wanted to be honest with me. The fact that he didn’t seem angry, made me feel a little reassured and not in danger. I guess he was used to this?

Nevertheless, my gut was really talking to me here, and I had to listen. I mean, there was no question about it.

When I told my friends about this, some said, so what, did you feel safe or unsafe? I can understand where some people would feel safe, given all the crazy sh*t that has happened in our world, but right off the bat, I felt unsafe.

Had I known this guy a little more, and if he gave me all the warm and fuzzies, and was more sociable, I may have given him another chance, but you just can’t be too trusting.

I guess I was wanting it to work out there for a bit, but really, after he met my friends and I sensed that he wasn’t engaging well with them, I probably would have ended things soon enough anyway.

The world of Online Dating has never, ever worked for me. And I’m convinced that it might never will.

I feel like The Universe Has My Back, even though I haven’t read that book by Gabby Bernstein (it’s on my list!), I have a feeling that my person is out there and we will meet when the time is right.

So I guess my point is that I’ve exhausted the online dating game, and ready to trust in the whole “You’ll meet him when you least expect it” advise or even fate?

I left the 2% up for grabs, because often when I’m feeling good and everything is flowing and in alignment (buzz words from Jess Lively), I’ll get an itch to start swiping right again, but I hope I’ll listen to my gut a little closer this time.

Has anyone else had crazy dating stories like this?! I urge my fellow single ladies to trust their gut in the dating world! It is SO important that you do.








Do It While You Have Time

No, I’m not going any where or God forbid I have an issue with my health or anything. I’m not traveling to Fiji or France or the San Francisco Bay. I’m just here in my fresh, clean apartment on a Friday night. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The title of this post came to me while I was taking a long, luxurious shower (I really just had to shave). I was done with nannying early this afternoon, so I decided to take advantage of the blustery cold afternoon and just bang out a cleaning session.

This is why I could never work from home, because while I love nesting here in my apartment, I often jump from one thing to another and easily get distracted from the task at hand, even though it’s not for long until I come back to what needs to be done. The idea of working from home would not be good for me.

Anyway, as I was saying, I was in the mood to clean, dust, and throw out things that have been piling up. At times during my afternoon cleaning marathon, I thought, oh, I’ll clean the bathroom tomorrow, but then a little voice said, “just do it now, while you have time.” Same thing for vacuuming. My point is, that I really enjoyed honoring all that I have, even though it may not be much to some people, I took care in dusting off pieces that I use every day, and giving them new life.

Now onto another form of cleaning, today is also Day 1 of my 21 Day Detox, created by Amie Valpone of The Healthy Apple. Amie is a remarkable human, who literally nursed her way back to health with real, organic, clean foods and a host of holistic practices.

I’ve had her cookbook, Eating Clean for nearly a year, and I’ve referenced a handful of recipes in it, but haven’t fully embraced all the knowledge that Amie shares about eating clean, real, organic foods, including this 21 Day Detox plan. In the book she declares how critical it is to listen to your body for cues that go against your regular bodily function for YOU.

So far, the first day has been good! I’m allowing myself coffee on this plan, but hope to reduce my quantity to just 1-2 cups a day, versus my usual 3-4. I will probably be naturally more alert in the mornings, since I will be hydrating more and staving off my after-dinner treat. Oh yeah, AND not having wine, or any alcohol for that matter.

I’ll be sharing each day of my detox journey here, so stay tuned! For now, I just wanted to share how important it is to take time for yourself and for your living space, because a happy home is a happy you. Now go clean if you have the time!!