Gel Manicures Are A Waste of Money

I’m sitting here peeling off every last one of my aqua colored nails from a gel manicure or shellacked manicure? I kind of like peeling them off. It’s the same thing as popping a blister or some other gross habit. It oddly gives me satisfaction when I’ve peeled them off in totality. And then I’m like, why did I spend $30.00 on something that only lasts a week?? And plus, my nails grow out kind of fast, so it’s a lose-lose with the manicures.

Anyway…thought I would check in on this poor blog of mine, ha!

I am having the ultimate “me” night you guys. I cooked a delicious dinner for myself and made a batch of scrumptious peanut butter cookies. Thanks to My Whole Food Life for the idea!

I thought I was going to be in the worst mood ever tonight, because it’s Friday and I’ve had a lackluster social life lately, and on and on and on. But I’m not going down that road.

ANYWAY. Yes. Having a good night. Zero wine involved. Now, onto watching Something’s Gotta Give for the 50th time?? That is probably exaggerated, but I have seen it tons.

Also, I’m just gonna let ya’ll know, that from here on out..I’m just gonna write. Some posts will be beautifully written and well thought out. Some posts will be choppy and random and leaving you like, WTF, Ellen??

The creative in me is longing for this blog to be back up to speed. For me, not for you. Sorry ya’ll. So, please keep following along if you’re curious to see where this is going.

Happy weekend!!!



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