Day 1

Good morning!

Shocker – it’s another gloomy morning here in Richmond! I mean, do we live in Seattle or London now?! Maybe mother nature just wants to get all the rain and cloudiness behind us, before Spring arrives 🙂

Ok, now to what you all are probably wondering. What is my title referring to? I’ve gone back and forth about sharing this subject on the blog, but I figure, most bloggers out there have been doing this thing for a decade or more. Their lives have taken twists and turns, but they have been consistent with their blog no matter what. I’m talking about a few long time favorites like Cupcakes & Cashmere, Cup of Jo, Kath Eats, and Oh DearDrea. So, I’m bravely writing my first post, among several more to come, on the subject of living alcohol free. I have more deep thoughts on this, that I will share, but I’m on a bit of a time crunch this morning. I’ll just say that I experimented with life without alcohol on purpose last week. The day after I drank several glasses of wine to ease the disappointment of a breakup, I caught a virus that had me down for the count. It lasted several days and today, two weeks later, I am just getting over it. So, since I felt so bad and didn’t even have a normal appetite for food, much less wine, I took about 11 days off from drinking. At the 6/7 day mark, I felt great. I’ve also been abstaining from cheese and cutting way back on refined sugar for quite a few weeks, to help clear up skin issues, which has left me feeling amazing.

But I caved this past weekend. My aunt is in town and that calls for celebrating, right?!  Without getting into too much detail (saving it for another post) and the mind games I play, I am starting over, and seeing how long I can go this time without a single drop.

So, join me if you’d like on this journey. Today is Day 1. I don’t know if I can post on my progress every day, but on most days I’ll check in.

Have a great day!




The Universe DOES Have Your Back

Ok..It may seem like I’m stealing this title, but it’s true. For the past couple weeks I’ve felt off, like the universe was against me, out of wack, un-easy, restless, etc. Ever since the new year, I haven’t had a day that has been exactly the same. To some that may sound exciting, but for me, I need to be in some sort of routine. In my world of nanny by day/interior design consultant by nights and weekends, no day is ever the same, but at least I know that on certain days I go here and some days I go there…it’s more or less a schedule. But recently, I had an unsettling experience with someone who hired me to tbe their nanny, but then went back on their word and handed me a “no” TWICE.  You would think the third time would be a charm, when the family extended their offer yet again, but no dice. I had this nagging feeling deep in my gut that this was not going to be a good fit. You may think, come on, it’s only nannying. Can’t you work it out for a few months? The answer is no. I have had too many stressful and unsettling work environments where my happiness cannot be sacrificed. I’ve worked with warm, loving families who have had a positive influence in my life, and I have to trust my gut on this.

But alas, another opportunity has come up and I could not be happier about it. AND I still get to take care of two other kids in a family that I just adore. That’s a win, win in my book 🙂


While everything has lined up nicely in that area of my life, there has been a sudden turn of events in the romantic realm. A guy I have been dating for almost four months, broke up with me yesterday morning. Womp, womp, I know. He had been a little distant leading up to this blow, but I still didn’t see it coming or want to hear it. I’ll spare the details, but basically, he wants to focus more on his career and not be distracted with dating someone seriously. But you know what that’s called? LIFE. It’s called BALANCE. Whatever. He will never find anyone else like me. And this was just a trial run for me, before the next best thing.

With this “loss” in my life, I have yet, another chance to invest more in myself. Continue my personal growth and putting forth my very best effort both professionally and personally. But right now, as I sit here, powering through what I hope is just a 24-hr virus thing, I have plenty of time to reflect, write and aspire.

Have a great weekend! I’ll probably be back on here though, as I feel like I have a lot to get out of me 🙂