Decorative Holiday Accessories: Gift Guide!

The time is now! If you’re like me, you’re waiting until it’s officially December to start shopping for the Holidays. Whether it’s a small token of appreciation for your host, something for your artsy friend, or something for the mom who’s in her sixties and “down sizing” ;), I’ve corralled a few of my favorite decorative accessories for the home, Holiday style!


  1. Wooden Quirk Hotel ornament by Morris + Norris – I recently discovered these RVA makers while perusing RVA Antiques. At just $10.00, it’s the perfect gift for your girl or boy about town.

2.ย Geometric Gold Trees – Love these! Glam without screaming Christmas…guys, I’m not a Grinch, but you know what I mean!

3. Majestic Tassels Ornament – OK, 2017 was the year of the tassel earrings and all things unicorn, and this adorable little ornament combines the two!

4.ย Modern Art Ornament –ย I know this is the third ornament on this gift guide, but the tree is always the star of the show, and Dana is the best!

5. Yuletide Embroidered Pillow – I love how this pillow is subtly Christmas-y and has that Suzani-boho feel that I love.

6. Fresh Winterberry and Pine Wreath – Wreath’s aren’t only for the front door – hang these pretties over a standing or hanging mirror or even inside, so you can smell that fresh pine all through out the house!

7. Eucalyptus Wood Gold Dipped Candle Holders – these are perfect for your outdoorsy, smoothie drinking, folk loving friend, and you can leave these up all year round!

8. ‘Red Pearl’ Amaryllis – Amaryllis’ makes me think of New Year’s because usually every year, my mom gets gifted amaryllis bulbs or one that has already bloomed. Such an elegant flower to have around during the holidays!

9. Gilded Cafe Mirror Tray – One can never have too many trays, especially during the holiday season! The sky’s the limit with what you can put on them, but I’d say, start with a cocktail ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope this Gift Guide was helpful and got your wheels are spinning as to what to get that person who has everything. Cheers!








Happy Thanksgiving!

unnamed (26)

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s all about gathering with family and friends to celebrate and give thanks. What could be better than that?! 2017 has been the year of the gratitude journal, of which I have sat down first thing on in-consecutive mornings and listed off the many things and people I am grateful for. So on this Thanksgiving morning, here are just a few things I am thankful for:

  1. My family. In times of uncertainty, I am so thankful to have the love and support of my family.
  2. Good friends. My good friends are so important to me. Whether we’re laughing or crying or laughing until we cry, there is nothing better than connecting with friends who will lift you up.
  3. My positivity. Again, in times of uncertainty, I am grateful for my positive outlook and my ability to focus on the things I can do and the tools I have to achieve success, no matter how bumpy the road is getting there.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day celebrating with family and friends!






Gel Manicures Are A Waste of Money

I’m sitting here peeling off every last one of my aqua colored nails from a gel manicure or shellacked manicure? I kind of like peeling them off. It’s the same thing as popping a blister or some other gross habit. It oddly gives me satisfaction when I’ve peeled them off in totality. And then I’m like, why did I spend $30.00 on something that only lasts a week?? And plus, my nails grow out kind of fast, so it’s a lose-lose with the manicures.

Anyway…thought I would check in on this poor blog of mine, ha!

I am having the ultimate “me” night you guys. I cooked a delicious dinner for myself and made a batch of scrumptious peanut butter cookies. Thanks to My Whole Food Life for the idea!

I thought I was going to be in the worst mood ever tonight, because it’s Friday and I’ve had a lackluster social life lately, and on and on and on. But I’m not going down that road.

ANYWAY. Yes. Having a good night. Zero wine involved. Now, onto watching Something’s Gotta Give for the 50th time?? That is probably exaggerated, but I have seen it tons.

Also, I’m just gonna let ya’ll know, that from here on out..I’m just gonna write. Some posts will be beautifully written and well thought out. Some posts will be choppy and random and leaving you like, WTF, Ellen??

The creative in me is longing for this blog to be back up to speed. For me, not for you. Sorry ya’ll. So, please keep following along if you’re curious to see where this is going.

Happy weekend!!!



Eight Hours Phone Free

Hello! Happy mid-week you guys, ya’ll, friends?! What do ya’ll say? I’ve been meaning to pay attention to how I address a group of friends or my family, and have kind of forgotten to notice what rolls off the tongue…ANY WAY. Last night I came home to discover that I had left my phone charger at one of the houses I nanny at. I had about 25% battery left. My initial reaction was panic, but it was a quiet panic. I could have gone over to a friend’s house or to my brother or sister’s to charge my beloved phone, but I didn’t. I decided to wait it out until today at Noon when I would be back with my charger.

See, I’ve been thinking anyway about how much technology affects good, solid sleep. Lately, when I wake up, I am SO groggy and my eyes are TIRED. I’ve gotten into the worst habit of falling deep down into the Instagram/Facebook hole right before I turn off the light. Sometimes I don’t even look at a book anymore before bedtime. Now, that is sad ya’ll! Are you guys in the same boat??

Amie Valpone of The Healthy Apple stated recently in one of her IG posts, that she doesn’t spend a lot of time on social media for adrenal, thyroid, and hormonal reasons, and maybe there’s some truth to that? I don’t know, I haven’t asked Amie or done the research behind that, but I do know that I noticed just a little bit of a refreshed/rested feeling when I got up this morning. I think I stopped scrolling through all social media around 8PM last night, btw. So yeah, I think I’m gonna set a curfew for myself with social media. Maybe 8:00/8:30PM? I’ll report back.

For some reason, watching Bloodline on Netflix on your laptop in bed before bedtime, doesn’t seem to have the same affect!? ๐Ÿ˜‰ With a show like Bloodline, you would think it would!

Have a good one ya’ll…




Hi How Are You

That’s what I feel like saying to you all after over a month-long break from this blogosphere (a new word I stumbled upon, thanks to one of my cousins!). I’m not going to re-hash what all I’ve been up to the last month and half, because that may sound boring and mundane. To me at least. Although there’s A LOT!! More later.

As I write this post, I’m enjoying a home-cooked lunch. Man, it feels and tastes so good to be cooking again I feel like I haven’t really cooked for myself in a few weeks. I’ve just been haphazardly throwing together salads with black beans, rice, tomatoes, zucchini and warming up toast with almond butter and raspberry jam. I should clarify though, that my idea of cooking is roasting up some vegetables, boiling pasta, maybe sauteing some greens, and voila, I have lunch/dinner/leftovers!

I’m also listening to Norah Jones. I love her voice and her band. Norah Jones reminds me of the early 2000’s. Perhaps we are still in the early 2,000s? Feels like lifetimes ago though. Do you ever feel like you’re still in a certain decade or is there a time in your life that you can’t seem to forget, or don’t want to forget? For me, that’s probably 2000-2010. The years of Norah Jones, Something’s Gotta Give, It’s Complicated. Those were good years and good movies.

Anyway.ย Yeah, just thought I’d check in and get some random thoughts out. There are certainly more thoughts to be shared, but that’s good for now.

I’m off to clean up and grease up for some pool time with my family. I have some work to do and things to get ready for the week, but I feel like I should be with family and be social for a little while.

Happy Sunday ya’ll!



Let It Go

Hey ya’ll! It’s almost Friday, which means it’s almost Thursday, which means it’s almost my Birthday!! (5/18!) I LOVE Birthdays. This year however, I won’t be celebrating as outlandishly as I did last year, but it will still be a celebration nonetheless! A good friend reminded me that even if the gathering and celebrations are small, every year of life should be worth celebrating…no matter how old you are!

I’m going into this long Birthday weekend on a clean slate. I just made the decision to let one of my very part-time jobs go. While I hemmed and hawed about it, I finally came to the conclusion that doing only five hours of work a week for this particular company was causing me unwanted stress and keeping me from pursuing other goals, like keeping this blog going! It would also interfere with an upcoming design project that I have just started. I will reveal more details soon! I’ll just say that this project will be my most challenging yet. But I am so up for the challenge you have no idea! I live and breathe this stuff (interior design), so I think it will be a wonderful opportunity to let my talents shine.

Although I’m pretty sure I’ll be dreaming of ideas for this project and some things may keep me up at night or wake me early in the morning, but it will be in the best way. And in those moments I will just have to BREATHE and thank my lucky stars at how grateful I am to be given an opportunity to do what I truly LOVE.

I hope ya’ll have a great rest of the week and I’ll be back Friday with my Pictures of The Week.






Update on that Off Feelin’

Hey ya’ll! So to give you an update on how I was feeling last week, I am SO MUCH better this week! I’ve strayed from gluten, dairy, soy, lecithin, and some other oils that are often found in allll the GF chips I like to munch on. The only exception has actually been today, when I have just had three mini Reese’s PB cups. I had a craving for chocolate and did not prepare to bring my own chocolate to work, so in comes the Reese’s.

I’ve been more in tune with my body this week. Really listening to fullness cues and hunger cues, and appreciating when I feel full. I’ve been really nourishing my body and notย just feeding it with crappy processed snacks.

See, I’m a full time nanny, and very often snack on their snacks. Not in huge amounts, but I think over time, these processed foods just build up in my system, and finally, the bubble bursts, in the form of an outbreak on my skin, or in extreme bloating.

I’ve always had digestive issues since birth, so it’s not a surprise that every now and then, I have some sort of wake up call that tells me to slow down and re-assess my diet.

In a world where there are TONS of gluten/dairy/soy/nut/oil free humans out there, it has become easier to learn how to live with these limitations or should I say thrive?

It will take work and preparation, but I’m willing to do the work and prepare all the home-cooked meals that I can.

So that’s where I’m at right now. ย I’ll be sharing more foods, brands, and recipes that I like that are of course gluten/dairy/soy freeee! So stay tuned!